Performance by Miss Universe, 2011

Premiere: October 21st, 22nd 2011. Visibility Project, Istanbul.


The Democratic Republic of Congo is at a civil war largely financed by the western way of living. This war has resulted in the deaths of 5.4 million people, making it the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II. Rape has been a habitual tool to terrorize and disrupt the society during this war. An estimated 1.8 million women have been raped. Many of them women got infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, gave birth to unwanted babies, and develop psychological problems. In some women violent rape breaks the wall between the bladder and vagina causing fistula – such women constantly leak urine, lose fertility, and often die.

Performed in many festivals   in Europe such as :
Vienna Art Week,  Sofitel Hotel, Vienna;
Dimanche Rouge, Paris;
Arada Fest, Brunnen Passage, Vienna;
Raw Matters Vienna;
Interntational Meeting of Action Art at Pumarejo, Sevilla;
Trouble, Les Halles, Brussels



Fistula5   Fistula4  Fistula3



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