Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my web-site!

I am a performance artist now living in Tokyo.

I was born in New York – not so long ago.

My parents are from Turkey. They decided to get married after only two weeks they met.

My brother and I grew-up on lawns of Upstate New York singing, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”, painting our faces, and performing endless cartwheels.

In Istanbul, I couldn’t stop painting although I also enjoyed time to create sculpture.

I have discovered rock music of the 70s, Scriabin, Wagner, Ravel and Anatolian music.

I have learned Italian, French, Latin, Russian, and German.

I work in off-theater.

On one sunny day in Amsterdam, I chose my stage name to be “Miss Universe”.

It was very easy you see.

I win every competition.

I am not like you; I am Miss Universe.


Love from Tokyo…



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