Nuclear Studio-Cells: Imploding and Exploding

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Works are paper in ink. 2003

The drawings basicly developed by imagining how the war is felt in the studio of an artist and in a single person prison cell. These are both closed and limited spaces, where people pass an extreme and vulnerable time. Naturally, an artist is one of the first people to be affected, if not materially, psycologically by any war and  will be trying to continue to live, and to create under the shadow of the war, which will reduce hope and faith in mankind and in living. With the war, a new dark life starts in the studio of the artist, where next to the paints and brushes, wanders the clandestine violence of the arms, guns, nuclear weapons, and bombs… The new condition of the war that rolls over life with no mercy, will force the artist to think about the meaning of life, ones own powers and limitations and ask: Could I have prevented this war from happening? What good is my art in a world like this?

And how will it feel to be in prison during a war, happening in your own country or elsewhere? When other people, out of prison, have some restricted possibilities to communicate, to run away and to survive, the prisonner is trapped twice, and the cell space which is already a place of pain and fear, turns out to be a dubble hell, forcing the prisoner to feel all the violence happening outside in the smallest place. Now, how to swallow all this, just because you are considered guilty of having stolen a piece of this or that or of getting involved with some kind of corruption? Nobody deserves this.


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