“Miss Universe”

by Deniz Aygün Benba


Turkish artist, born 1974 in New York.

Performance artist, visual artist, curator, culture manager, art teacher.

Lives in Tokyo.

Married to economist and jazz pianist Selim Benba. They have a 6 years old son, Nesim Nazım.


Selected Exhibitions and Performances:                                                                                  


“Situationism”, Raw Matters (Vienna)
“The Chase”,
collaboration with Tappei Naguchi, Design Festa Tokyo
[The Terror from Spontaneous symmetry breaking..]: Collaboration with Takahiro Tomatsu and Hiromichi Sakamoto,Kissa Sakaiki, Tokyo
Regular performances in What the Dickens Open Mic with performances such as “Derailed”



“Ski Fahren in Tirol”, Raw Matters in Schikaneder Kino (Vienna); Month of Performance Art in Kunst Spiel Raum (Berlin). Collaboration with Takahiro Tomatsu.
“Fistula”, Trouble in Les Halles (Brussels)
“Black Hood”, Superdelux (Tokyo)


“Piano Sonata”, (solo performance). schwindelfrei. KUNST.WAHN.SINN, Ragnarhof. (Vienna)
Miss Universe lands to Vienna”, (interactive performance). Raw Matters Adapt Special, Kabelwerk (Vienna)
“Fistula” (solo performance); Visibilty Project (Istanbul); Vienna Art Week; Dimanche Rouge (Paris); Raw Matters (Vienna); Interntational Meeting of Action Art at Pumarejo, (Sevilla).
“The Diamond Ring” (solo performance); Interakcje, Action Art Festival (Piotrkow Trybunalski)
“100 Year of Joy Requiem” (performance with Delphine HsinI Mei, Hsu Che-Yu, Ho Yi Ming, Onur Dülger); Soho in Ottakring (Vienna).


“Macbeth! Love it or leave it!”, (solo performance). Galata Perform, Caravansarai, KargART. (Istanbul), Dostoyevsky Museum (St. Petersburg).
“Gift in Garbage” (solo guerilla action). Museums Quartiere (Vienna)
“A Poem and Two Songs” (performance with choir). Visibilty Project 6 (Istanbul)


“Fuat- Ali- Kemal- Harun- Burhan- Mehmet”, (solo performance). Kerem Yılmazer Theater, Müsahipzade Celal Theater,  Kumbaracı, Kargart and Galata Perform (Istanbul)


“Miss Universe Competition Final”, (solo performance). INX, (New Castle)


“Miss Universe”, (solo performance). International Festival of Experimental Art, Maneje Exhibition Hall, (Saint-Petersburg), Kroch (Yaroslavl)


“Legs”, (drawing). The Most Curatorial Biennial of the Universe; Apex Art (New York)
English Lesson On Performance”. (performance after Tamar Raban) (Istanbul)


“1000 Marbles”, (solo performance). e-Bent (Barcelona)
Green for Meirav”, (solo performance). Real Presence Workshop Exhibition (Belgrade) “Nice Old Days”, (solo performance), PAP (Tel-Aviv)
“One’s Freedom”, (installation). Gravity Free Art, The Red House (Sophia)


“100 Marbles”, (solo performance). Interakcje, Action Art Festival (Piotrkow Trybunalski) Galeria Dzialan (Warsaw)
“Studio-Cell” (painting- group exhibition). Art Dulcinium (Pristina,Timisuara, Belgrade, Ulquini)



“The Silent Object”, (objects, group exhibition). SVA Open Studio (New York)
“The Body in Cell”, (solo painting exhibition). Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Poligon Galerisi, (Istanbul)


Autodidact artist took drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramic lessons. Attended summer residency program of School of Visual Arts in New York as a grant of “The Moon and Starts Project”. Worked as board member of Association International d’Arts Plastiques. Between 2005- 2010 she worked as program manager of performance space “Galata Perform”, where she curated performance festivals and other interdisciplinary projects. She is founding member of “Assosiation of Contemporary Theater and Experimental Arts of Istanbul”.

She attended performance art workshops with Boris Nieslony, Monica Klingler, Oleg Soulimenko, Field Work with Michael O’Connor, Olivia Schellander, Milos Sofrenovic, Tatia Skhirtladze, Seiji Shimoda…





Based in Tokyo.







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